There is power in wardrobe.  The power to speak before saying a word. The power to communicate exactly who you are to your audience.  The power to make you feel exactly how you want to feel.  The power to influence your interactions with others. 

 Studies suggest that 83% of our learning occurs visually.  When someone lays eyes on you for the first time, this means that almost all of what they learn about you is what they see: primarily, what you are wearing.


 Many people misrepresent themselves by not knowing how to use their wardrobe to their best advantage. If your wardrobe doesn’t reflect the essence of who you really are you are keeping yourself from attracting opportunities to live your best life—your next big client, career move or potential soul mate. You are leaving money on the table.

 That’s where I come in. 

 I’m Carmen Adriana and I help accomplished professionals and media talent curate their best look so they can communicate exactly where they stand in the world.  I’ve had over a decade of experience working with high profile media outlets such as CNN, Bloomberg News, The Today Show, and ESPN.  I team up with media and business coaches who want their clients to excel in all areas.  My clients consistently get put on Best Dressed Lists for their outlets.  They are also amazed at how much impact their new look has on their career.  I’m constantly hearing that producers and higher ups are taking notice—my clients are getting more airtime and being tapped for more special projects—often within days of our first appointment. 


What’s the secret? Wardrobe Language.  You’ve heard of body language, right?  It is nonverbal communication: the gestures, postures and facial expressions we make that help us influence and judge others.  I believe that your outfit is the first gesture you make.  So, I’ve created Wardrobe Language:  a system of colors, shapes, body type and lifestyle unique to you.  By empowering yourself with Wardrobe Language, you are taking the first and biggest step to designing your best career and life.

 What you are wearing is the very first thing you say; your visual handshake.  Research has shown the people retain 65% more of a presentation when given with visual and oral cues.  Your wardrobe is the visual aid in the presentation of yourself.  Make them retain YOU, long after they’ve forgotten what you’ve said. 

Is your wardrobe working for you? Let me help you find out! Contact me for a free 20 minute phone consultation.