Hamptons Wellness Week Summer 2014


At FabInjection, we believe that your wardrobe is the first thing you say to the world—before you ever open your mouth.  Founder Carmen Adriana works with fierce women everywhere helping them create their most powerful look so they can rule their world in style! She is expert at helping people develop their very own wardrobe language—the combination of body type, colors, styles and personality that is uniquely you.  

All packages include a free 20 minute phone consultation so we can determine the best way to approach your unique wardrobe needs. 

Click here for more information about Hamptons Wellness Week. Purchase your Hamptons Wellness Week FabPackage and have until August 15 to book your session!

 Offer 1

The Graduate (2 hours) $100

A special package just for Hamptons Wellness Week!

Have you ever wanted the celebrity wardrobe experience but didn’t know where to begin? This is your chance to get expert advice on your style.   After this starter session you will come away with a customized FabScription with all the information you need to get your style life moving in the direction you deserve!

 Offer 2

VIP Consultation (3-4 hours) $350, a $750 value

No more opening your closet and declaring, “I have nothing to wear!”  In this session, Carmen Adriana will whip your closet in to shape!  Working closely with you she will edit, organize and restyle your current wardrobe.  After your appointment you will receive a customized FabScription complete with:

  •       Your Wardrobe ID—a short description of your target style so you can shop with focus
  •        Photos of styled outfits from your closet
  •        A shopping list with key items, your best brands, and stores to shop
  •        A list of what to avoid
  •        Photos of individual items with notes on how to wear them
  •        Anything else related to your wardrobe life

 In addition you will get a 1 hour virtual session and 1 month of stylish email support when you need it!

 Note:  Expect a few surprises and a lot of fun!

 *Hamptons Wellness Week packages valid from Westhampton to Montauk only