Rock Your Dating Style!

Are you ready to let go of the confusion and aggravation of shopping for and getting dressed for a date? 

Are you ready rock your sexiest most confident self? 

Read on for everything you need!


4 Steps to Fabulous Dating Style

1) Clarity Call:  Let’s talk.  What’s holding you back from being your most confident fabulous self in your wardrobe? We’ll find out how you want to feel in your clothes when you are dating.  We'll talk about your lifestyle so we can come up with a plan that works for you.  Then we’ll come up with your personal style buzz words so you can always tap in to them when you need!

2) Virtual Closet Visit:  Put that webcam to use and take me inside your closet.  You simply try on your current dating looks for me.  I’ll give you new ideas to use what you already have, suggestions on what to wear for your body, and advice on what new things to buy and where to get them.

3) Virtual Shopping Trip: There are lots of benefits to online shopping but scrolling aimlessly through endless photos can be just as confusing as a trip to the mall.  Let me help! I’ve developed a system to get the most out of shopping from home.  I’ll guide you through the best sites for you and together we’ll pick your perfect dating wardrobe to be delivered right to your door.  Easy!

4) Style File: This is the best part! Throughout our time together I’ll be building your personal style file. It is filled with photos of outfits, do’s and don’ts, shopping lists, resources, and everything you need to know to look and feel your most confident sexy self—on every date! Imagine never having to stress over what to wear—ever again! Yes!

Investment: $499 ($999 Value)

**Sign up by in the next 24 hours and get a bonus virtual session with me! ($250 value!!)

Payment Plan: 2 payments of $275.  

Pay the first today and the second at the time of our Clarity Call.