I've worked with Carmen since 2007 and I simply can't live without her. She has helped revamp my closet from top to bottom and left to right. Not only does Carmen set me straight when I'm unsure if something is right for me, she assembles outfits in ways I'd never have thought to, and takes all the guess work out of planning what to wear. The confidence this brings is much appreciated! Whether you're looking for someone to help pick the perfect outfit for a special occasion, enhance your current style, or completely overhaul your closet, you can't go wrong with Carmen.   

Shanon Cook 

     Author/TV personality 




Carmen is an amazing stylist - she has transformed my look while making sure the "me" continues to stand out. Like many people, I'd been stuck in a rut with clothes but Carmen encouraged me to try new styles and taught me the importance of accessories, color, and completing "the look". All the more important when you're on camera. I've encouraged many friends to meet with Carmen because she can do wonders for you without breaking the budget". 

--Betty Liu 
 Anchor, Bloomberg Television






I started working with Carmen when I first started appearing on air at CNN. She was a game changer in every sense. She picked out great outfits and helped create a look for me. Now, I’m a correspondent for the network and couldn’t do without her. She helped me take my career to the next level. Carmen’s amazing to work with, understands the crazy job, and has the ability to find great items that become staples on air. She understands my personality and has worked with me to find clothes that make me look good and feel good on    television. I couldn’t be more grateful!

Laurie Segall   Tech CorrespondentCNNMoney

One-of-a kind style with a smile.  Carmen delivers that and much more.  Yes, she's professional; yes, she's detail-oriented; and yes, she's in the know. But most importantly, she offers all of that in a calm, stress-free way. As a television host who has covered the arts and fashion worlds, Carmen was my secret weapon.  She always knew who to call to make me look good, whether it was a connection for clothes, jewelry, or accessories. For years, I’ve trusted her 100% to put together wardrobes for my work in New York and  London. Without a doubt, you should, too.” 

                 Christina Ha Host, "NYC Arts," PBS/Thirteen Correspondent,   www.FirstComesFashion.com

Carmen is amazing. I was in a clothing slump before I met her (I work on TV) and after working with her for less than a year my career has really taken off. People in the office noticed a difference in my appearance right away and I started to get more opportunities because of it. She is always fun, kind and never judgmental. Half of my wardrobe is filled with things I never would have picked out for myself but have now become staples. And the best part? Carmen did so without sacrificing my personality. She is my clothing guru, I never wear anything to work without checking with her first and she is right         every time.

Alix Steel, Bloomberg TV

priscilla shanks.jpg

My relationship with Carmen began when she worked with a client of mine a few years ago. From there, she started working with every client I could send her way. She is one of those rare people who sees individuality and helps true individuals stand out at his or her best, whether on the street or on TV. It’s for these reasons that I have recommended her with confidence.”

- Priscilla Shanks
                                                                                                            PS Public Speaking 

Carmen Adriana has proven time and time again to be an indispensible part of my team. As my stylist for ‘Full Frontal Fashion.’ she made sure that I was always on trend but still looked and felt like myself.  I was always impressed with the way she styled all of the FFF correspondents, making sure that each of us retained our personal styles while encouraging us to be unafraid to push the envelope.  Even on the occasions that I wore something I wasn't 100% sure of, I trusted Carmen and was richly rewarded for it, receiving dozens of compliments under the tents! Since    then, Carmen Adriana has been my market editor in New York. She is the secret weapon behind many of my style segments, unerring in her choice of what will satisfy trend segments and speak to the audience of any given show. My advice to anyone who utilizes her services: listen and trust!”

-                                                                                                        Lloyd Boston
                                                                                                         TV Host/Style Expert 

Being Hollywood’s premier celeb stylist, I have dressed everyone from Halle Berry to Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson to Jennifer Lopez and through most of these style situations Carmen Adriana has always been there as my right hand girl to give her invaluable sense of style and a helpful honest opinion. And let’s face it that is what you really want and need when you are having a style quandary or your wardrobe is malfunctioning.  Because she is a style soldier and a fashion savant she makes stepping out in style simple and drama free. Carmen always knows the right outfit for the right time and place. Lets face it shouldn’t fashion be fun? If I was you and I needed to find a fast fashion fix, I would call Carmen Adriana for a fabulous fashion injection!

                                                                                                            Phillip Bloch
                                                                                                            Celebrity Stylist, TV Personality